Driving skills and courage

If you’ve ever been to a NASCAR race, you know these cars go fast. These are big, heavy machines that go almost 200 miles per hour. Think about it. If your dad was driving down the freeway at 100 mph (way too fast, by the way), a NASCAR race car would pass him like he was standing still. It’s fast!

NASCAR drivers have to be able to handle a car going at top speed, but also be surrounded by other cars doing the same thing just inches away! They have to drive with absolute precision and then be able to pass, adjust to track conditions, avoid crashes and stick to a racing strategy for hours. It takes years of practice and a lot of natural talent.

Good physical shape

NASCAR drivers also need to be in good shape. Sure, they just drive, but they have to move with the precision and skill we talked about in the previous chapter, for hours on end. They get no timeouts or half as many as in other sports.

They must be fully focused and driving a big, heavy car at top speeds, constantly switching gears and being ready to react in a split second, all for hours. They cannot tire or shrink after a few hours. They also have to do it in a hot, confined space. They have to be in top physical shape to do this.

Smart car and teamwork

Finally, a NASCAR driver must be smart. Good driving skills and courage will take you so far. During any NASCAR race, a car will require all kinds of adjustments to keep it running at top speed. The driver should help understand what this adjustment is.

A driver’s recommendations to his or her race team are critical to winning the race. One bad call or bad information from a driver can cost them a lot of time.

Qualities required for a rider

Anyone who has made the decision to professionally engage in motorsport must regularly undergo a medical examination. There are no people here with any kind of disease, your cardiovascular and nervous systems should be in perfect order.

Among the qualities that are necessary for any racer, one can note the speed of reaction, the ability to take risks and put other people at risk, the ability to negotiate, convince sponsors and the crew of their confidence and victory, and sociability.

Good intuition, coordination of movements, physical and psychological endurance, the ability to quickly make an important decision, the ability to analyze, have good eyesight, the so-called “eye gauge”, will not be superfluous.

It is also important to have critical and strategic thinking, the ability to think quickly and analyze the situation, feel the car, and be able to predict the development of events.